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On being drawn into the situation...

It may be like having perfect pitch or being able to throw a mean curve ball. You don't know why you can do it, but it's just always been there. Being able to draw what I see in front of me or what I see in my mind's eye where no one else can has always come very naturally to me. Being right-brain dominant (I'm left handed) also helps. And it sure comes in handy when I'm working with a client to design custom jewelry.

The design chemistry between jewelry designer and client is the creative breath that brings the piece to life. The advantage to the process of my drawings is that they can speak for both of us as the creative sparks fly back and forth. The process also builds confidence in the fact that I can execute; particularly if we are working together for the first time.

With PDFs and JPEGs, I routinely scan my color originals and email them anywhere. So with the combination of a very old discipline and very new technology, we are not bound by geography.

Enjoy the jewelry designs below. They will give you some idea of the steps in the process of having a custom piece of gold jewelry created just for you. Let's work together to create that perfect wedding ring, pendant or pair of earrings you have always wanted.