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Fingerprints of Love

What more meaningfully personal gift of love and commitment for a partner or spouse than you own fingerprint in gold or silver?

Back in the late 70's and early 80's when I founded and owned Joel Bagnal Goldsmiths in Wellesley and Concord, Massachusetts, it was I who originated the concept of turning your fingerprint into a gift of love.

Joel Bagnal Woman's Gold Fingerprint
Joel Bagnal Men's Gold Fingerprint

The most popular piece to this day is a simple pendant for man or woman... fingerprint on the front, personal message engraved on the back. But I have also made fingerprint cuff links, children's prints for necklaces or charm bracelets for Mom or Grand Mom, even a fingerprint signet ring!

While my idea has been copied over the years (even kits sold through airline catalogs!), there is only one Joel Bagnal, Goldsmith, handcrafted Fingerprint Jewelry in either gold (any Karat and color) or silver. It requires a visit by the person whose fingerprint impression is being taken to our Goldsmith Shop and Gallery at 11 Aviles Street, St. Augustine or to our goldsmithing studio (jbagnal@joelbagnalgoldsmith.com or 904.614.4706).

Wedding gift, birthday or anniversary, or simply a token of your deep commitment... let's work together to put the print of your love where it should be!