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Wedding rings as unique as your love

Pardon my cynicism... I've been around long enough to see the cycles of DeBeers and their control over the tastes of the commercial diamond jewelry industry from Tiffany's to Kay's. It really doesn't matter. You can either celebrate the occasion with a store-front solution or a piece of jewelry as uniquely meaningful as your occasion. (If you don't know about DeBeers and their dominance of the diamond market for over a hundred years, Google them!)

Pardon my prejudice, but for me, when it comes to partnership and marriage, there is simply no more important design relationship than that of betrothed and their goldsmith. Here is the opportunity to say the most lasting physical statement about love and commitment you will experience. After the ceremony flowers fade, tuxes are returned, wedding dresses are cleaned and stored away, and photos are albumed, the single most consistent and lasting symbol of your love and commitment is your wedding ring! Shouldn't your ring be as unique as your relationship?

Mark the occasion with a goldsmith who honors it with trust and impeccable craftsmanship. Book a design appointment for your custom jewelry today.